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Mens swimwear

My name is Michael David and I am a designer of tiny bikinis and other types of swim and fun wear

For men.

I have been creating tiny bikinis for men for www.koalaswim.com for over 15 years.

Koala tiny bikinis are the most extreme swimwear a man can get.

If you are into seeing men wearing tiny bikinis this site is for you.

We are avid enthusiasts of tiny bikinis and our aim is to get more men into wearing them.

Wearing tiny bikinis is sexually stimulating, wearing tiny bikinis is daring and wearing tiny bikinis lets

A man show off his equipment.

Tiny bikinis are both the ultimate in masculinity and yet they let a man get in touch with his feminine side.

I generally wear thongs and g-strings but if I am at a beach or a hotel that is new to me I will wear tiny bikinis. I love how shocking they are to some people and you have to love the tan line tiny bikinis afford.

I know many men both gay and straight that wear love wearing tiny bikinis and less. It is much newer to the straight community but most women enjoy seeing a man in good shape wearing very little. Some of the tiny bikinis are so small that you are virtually nude in public, a very exciting feeling.


Before we go any further let me be upfront with you. This site is designed to attract people that are searching the words tiny and bikinis. If you find this site while searching tiny bikinis and you are a man or women that are into wearing or seeing other people wearing tiny bikinis and suits that are much smaller we invite you to visit www.koalaswim.com but you must be 18+ years or older, there is nudity along with tiny bikinis designs, thong bikinis, g-string bikinis, sheer tiny bikinis and fetish bikinis.

I consider the tiny bikinis site more of a blog and will discuss tiny bikinis, the designs, tiny bikinis and fabrics, choosing your first tiny bikinis designs and for men wearing them in public and learning to be proud of you bodies and being as at ease as the girls on the beach wearing tiny bikinis!

Some of the tiny bikinis topics you will find here.

Great photos of male models wearing tiny bikinis

Great photos of amateur male models wearing tiny bikinis

Great photos of you wearing tiny bikinis

Fiction stories about men wearing tiny bikinis

Erotic on men and tiny bikinis

Non fiction stories about tiny bikinis

The best tiny bikinis and your body style

What size? Order tiny bikinis and taking into account waist and penis size

If you are going to be wearing tiny bikinis you will need to wax or shave

And we will tell you about the best ways and how waxing feels.

Tiny bikinis and men in DVD’s

Models who wear tiny bikinis and interviews with them

Sheer tiny bikinis

Tiny bikinis with penis size enhancers-there are many styles of tiny bikinis that are designed

To make the mans penis look as large as possible.

Feminine style tiny bikinis, these are designs that are not just feminine but are designed to make a man feminine. These tiny bikinis flatten men out creating a vagina effect pouch there are some new tiny bikinis that not only make the man look like he has a vagina but gives him a realistic vagina style camel toe.

These types of tiny bikinis are the most extreme but it is amazing how many straight guys wear these.

We sell many of these tiny bikinis that are called fem style suits to gay men and t-girls but you would be amazed to see how many straight men order them and how many women order these fem style tiny bikinis for their men.

There is a whole world of people out there that get completely turned on by seeing a man transformed into a women, don’t judge these amazing tiny bikinis until you have tried them. I have used them many times when tanning at the beach, and yes wearing bikinis that are so tiny I have been mistaken for a girl but since women are so beautiful why not take it as a compliment? The most amazing part of wearing fem style tiny bikinis is that to your own eye you look like a women and laying out there and best of all you feel like a women, I know because I have felt the feeling, I have been at the beach laying out tanning wearing tiny fem style bikinis and if you let your mind go you actually do feel like a women and you can reach down and touch the fem style suit and it feels like a pussy. It is such a huge turn on. I think that forever men have always wanted to know how it feels to be a women and the same for women wanting to know how it feels to be a man. I have not designed any tiny bikinis that can make a women feel like she has a penis but I have completely succeeded in creating tiny bikinis that let a man feel as close to being a women as possible.

Ok sorry I got off on a tangent.

Back to my list of tiny bikinis topics:

Extreme narrow tiny bikinis that show the skin right up to the ball sack

Extra size front pouch tiny bikinis designed for men with extra large cocks to show off or us regular to small guys to wear with a full erection and yes some of these tiny bikinis can handle men with large fully erect cocks a beautiful site to behold.

Links to other hot sites that show tiny bikinis, nude men, male humiliation and many other fun topics!

Women’s views on men that wear tiny bikinis

Gay men and their views on tiny bikinis and the men who wear them

Being brave and wearing tiny bikinis at public places including gyms, hotels pools, beaches, lakes and more. I have been wearing tiny bikinis for years and in most public situations. At first I was worried about what people might say, but 99% of the things people say to me when they see me wearing tiny bikinis, tiny thongs and even tiny g-strings are positive. I am a bi sexual male and I can not begin to tell you how many men and women I have had sex with that started with comments about the tiny bikini I was wearing.

New guys, when you first start wearing tiny bikinis you will find them very arousing and since tiny bikinis for the most part are skin tight and most are not lined ( tiny bikinis that are not lined show depending upon the style the complete out line of the penis, some tiny bikinis show just the head against the fabric and some tiny bikinis are designed so they show the shaft and a clear out line of the balls by pulling everything up)

Many new guys wearing tiny bikinis for the first time will have quite a bit of Precum which when aroused

Just can not be controlled. On a gay beach this is fine because that big wet spot is a turn on to other guys but if you are at a busy beach or hotel just make sure to go in the water often and wipe your tiny bikinis as much as you can to remove the stains.

In time though always arousing you will get to the point where wearing tiny bikinis does not get you completely wet unless you want to be!

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